About Us

Flashbang Studios

is an independent game developer based in Tempe, Arizona.

We value our independence. We started Flashbang because need to care about the projects we work on. It's important that we love what we do, and we think this shows through in our games (both our own projects and our contract work).

Flashbang has shipped 15 self-funded titles, including web games, downloadable games, retail games, and iPhone games.

We occasionally do contract work, and have created games for companies as diverse as Cisco Systems and Cartoon Network.

Our network of sites, including Blurst.com, are viewed by 2.8 million people a year.

Contact us at hello@flashbang.biz.
References available upon request.
Matthew Wegner

Matthew Wegner


Matthew has lead Flashbang's development for the last 7 years. He also co-chairs the Independent Games Festival, advises the Independent Games Summit, hosts TIGRadio, edits Fun-Motion, and enjoys such things as unicycling 300 miles through Africa.



Technical Experts

Flashbang is a top Unity development studio, and the only company outside of Unity to present at all four Unite conferences. We have years of Unity experience, with specific expert knowledge in physics, pipeline/workflow, and rapid development.

Ben Ruiz

Ben Ruiz

Art Director

Ben is responsible for the look and feel of Flashbang's games. He joined the company midway through the original Raptor Safari project, after shipping an XBLA title, and has been making sweet polygons for Flashbang ever since. His favorite emotion is scorn.

Pipe Dream from http://www.flickr.com/photos/brapke/186542214/


Integration Specialists

Flashbang specializes in API and online integration, with years of web programming and backend development experience. Want to share content online? Include leaderboardss and achievements? Connect with social platforms? We've got you covered.